How to keep data on while on call android?

I wanted to share with you guys one problem I'm having with my ROG 2 that I also used to have with my old phone (OnePlus 5T).

The problem I'm having is that whenever I'm having a regular phone call, instantaneously I loose internet connection (4G). Why does that happen?

Thanks in advance.

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This is because you most probably have the phone call and data on different SIM cards. If you have both calls and data on the same SIM, then it should work but if you don't have VoLTE, your internet speed will be 3G during the call

Since ROG Phone II and most other phones don't have Dual Active SIM, you're not able to have a phone call on SIM 1 and Data on SIM 2 at the same time.


This has got to do with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) which may not be enabled. This has something to do with your Carrier/Service provider not supporting the ROG Phone ll.

so I Just want to share my experience and this should answer most of your questions to Asus "WHY NO VOLTE ASUS?!"

So I contacted the Mods here and they shared that although I had VoLTE in my mobile plan it does not automatically mean that I would have VoLTE on the ROG phone ll. The Carrier/Service provider has to also support the device in order for it to be activated on your device.

So I did a online support chat with my Carrier/Service provider and they also told me that the ROG phone ll isn't on their list of supported devices. (Link will be provided just for your reference)

I believe Asus did reach out to many service providers out there but I don't think Asus got a straight yes but maybe a big fat no or they just got ignored or they only got " we might consider supporting your device "

I guess every carrier must stand to benefit from supporting a device and looking at the ROG Phone ll. I don't think I will consider it a mainstream android device and it is for a niche market. So I guess carriers are a little reluctant to support it ?

so even if you are able to tweak the OS to get the option to show up in the network settings, it just isn't going to work even if you some how enable it. The device needs to be registered.

so what am I going to do about this ? I guess I will just visit one of the Carrier shops and see if they can some how just let me pass through and activate it for me haha ? Make some noise to your Carrier!

Kinda sad Carriers do not support the ROG Phone like the the main stream apple, samsung, or Oppo, huawei and other brands out there! Boo Hoo!

This is was stated on my Carrier/Service provider website. So I believe the same thing is happening to other people from the US and other countries.

4G network is a mobile data network, hence, normal voice calls are currently supported on 3G. Only 4G ClearVoice (VoLTE) customer using supported handset will be able to enjoy HD voice calls on our 4G network


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